An excellent comment from Vincent Budd on our album!

An excellent comment from Vincent Budd on our album!

10 Jan 2022 11:15 am

An excellent comment from Vincent Budd on our album : “Α concert tribute to Paice Ashton Lord’s - Malice in wonderland”

This is an excellent concert tribute to PAL. It contains seven tracks from ‘Malice’, plus the excellent ‘The Ballad of Mr Giver’ from ‘First of the Big Bands’. Panos’s playing and attention to musical detail is remarkable. He has put together an excellent band. Special mention has to be made for the drummer, Dimitris Antoniadis, the guitarist, Nikos Efentakis, and the brass section. Given the shoes he had to fill, Vasilis Axiotis, does a fine, more than commendable job taking on Tony’s inimitable vocals. More than anything else, the Dominus Orchestra conveys the sheer musical fun and joy of the original. If you love the album then you will, I’m sure, want to hear this marvellous tribute. Moreover, the vinyl release comes with a DVD or Blue-Ray copy of the concert. It is well packaged with a superb cover, designed by Panos’s daughter Eleftheria. Excellent. Recommended. Congratulations to Panos and his band of Greek musicians. Jon and Tony will be giving them all a big celestial hug, I’m sure.

Thank you so much!

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